Australians Against Racism is in the final stages of creating an innovative campaign that aims to place a supersite billboard in at least five capital cities.

The billboards will invite a positive response to Muslim people, and by association, all Australians and refugees of Arab origin. Despite the diversity of Arab and Islamic cultures, all are suffering from the effects of anti-Muslim feeling in Australia, so a positive and strong image of Muslim individuals is our starting point.

The billboards target Australians who are uncomfortable about Muslims in their community. The image and message is designed to evoke the common ground we all share. A sense of identification and familiarity with people from a Muslim background will generate a better response to them in everyday life. People often fear and reject what they don’t know – this billboard campaign aims to increase knowledge and challenge those feelings.

The campaign has been designed by highly skilled creative and marketing professionals in consultation with community groups.

This campaign directly benefits all who find the current climate of xenophobia and religious intolerance in Australia disturbing and damaging, or who are suffering the effects of it.

To see the campaign go into every capital city, we are now seeking your sponsorship and support. We want to raise $114,000 in total from individuals, organizations and corporations. (This represents the production and siting costs for a project that will be more than $300,000 in total value.) Any lesser amount will still see the project get up in public spaces but a large fund will make a proper campaign possible.

If this project could help to articulate your concern, and could facilitate the reputation of Australia to your overseas clients, please consider helping us to make it happen with a contribution towards this fund.


Concept by the AAR Team; Photography by Cassandra Mathie; Creative Copy by Steve Sorec; Graphic Design by; Artistic Coordination by Franziska Wagenfeld; Industry Liaison by Anne Reeve; Research by Eva Sallis; Models are anonymous; Costume Consultant Hawraa Hamimi; Legal Advisor Roger Sallis, Financial management by Jenni Devereaux; Administration by the AAR team; Website by Neil Montieth



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