This was our first major project, a TV commercial entitled ‘Faces in the Crowd’. This commercial was widely supported and funded by contributions from Australians in every state and abroad, most of them giving just $50. It went to air nationwide in all capital cities on Human Rights Day December 10th 2001. The commercial was produced by Craig Griffin and directed by Angie Black from The Directors Group in Melbourne at no cost and has the support of many prominent Australians such as Jane Scott (film-maker/producer), Claudia Karvan (actor), Daryl Braithwaite (singer-songwriter), Tom Shapcott (writer), Archie Roach (musician), John Howard (actor), Nicholas Jose (writer), John Kinsella (writer), Carl Barron (comedian), Alice Garner (actor), Sean Williams (writer), Malcolm Fraser (former PM), Donald Horne (social historian) and Tom Long (actor).

Australians are increasingly polarised over our treatment of refugees and asylum seekers and the commercial appeals to all Australians for understanding and compassion with a statement invoking our history and community.

‘Faces in the Crowd’ people

coordinated by Franziska Wagenfeld, produced by Craig Griffin, directed by Angie Black, production liaison: Stephen Corvini, concept by Eva Sallis, post-production: Mike Reed & Partners Post Production, Media liaison by Jill Rivers, Industry and Media Research by Paula Kehoe and Vanda Hamilton, Administration by Jennifer Nathan and Denise Becker.