Yellow Cab Company

Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab is one among the pioneer of the taxi industry and is a major taxi company operating mainly in the Queensland areas.

The prime objective of Yellow Cabs and Yellow Couriers is to provide the highest level of public transportation service and to achieve the highest possible return on invested time and money for all elements of the organisation. It is the organisation’s belief that in order to achieve this objective, customer service and satisfaction are paramount. Therefore, all policies, procedures and rules are formulated with this as first priority.

Yellow Cabs deems it a privilege to contribute and celebrate the journey to work with countless Brisbane Sporting and Community Organisations that help the Brisbane City to grow and prosper. Yellow Cabs has a vision to create and engage with their partnerships and continue to provide quality service to everyone in the local communities.

ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank is Australia and New Zealand banking group operating mainly in Australia, New Zealand, throughout Asia and the Pacific regions, and in the Middle East, Europe and America.

ANZ bank provides a range of banking and financial products and services to over 9 million customers and employ over 50,000 people worldwide. The ANZ Bank is also the third largest bank by market capitalisation in Australia.

Young and Well CRC

Young and Well CRC

Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre is an Australia-based, international research centre that unites young people together with researchers, practitioners and policy makers from over 75 partner organisations across the non-profit, academic, government, local businesses and corporate sectors.

The Young and Well CRC was established by the Australian Government in 1991 and it is part of the Cooperative Research Centres Program,

The objective of the Cooperative Research Centres Program is to deliver significant economic, environmental and social advantages to Australia by supporting end-user driven research partnerships. CRCs address clearly articulated, major challenges that require medium to long-term collaborative efforts. CRCs link researchers with practitioners and end-users to focus Research and Development efforts on tackling particular challenges for Aussies. CRCs pursue solutions to these challenges that are innovative and to become effectively used and benefited by end-users.

Young and Well CRC is to research and explore the role of technology in young people’s lives, and then to determine how these technologies can be applied to better improve the mental health and well-being of those young groups of people aging from 12 to 25.

Online Hate Prevention Institute

Online Hate Prevention Institute

Online Hate Prevention Institute was created in 2012 as a dedicated institute for addressing online hate. It builds on six years of work in combating Online Hate by Dr Andre Oboler. It is a a charity organisation which is registered and regulated by the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission.

The OHPI organisation aims to combat online hate and a critical partner who works with key stakeholders to improve the prevention, mitigation and responses to online hate. The vision is to change online culture so hate in all its forms becomes as socially unacceptable online as it is “in real life”.

The core organisation activities includes the promotion of the prevention or control of human behaviour that is harmful or abusive to human beings, specifically Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Self Harm and Suicide.