Santo Australia

Santo Australia is a leading cleaning chemicals Brisbane based manufacturer. Santo Australia supplies huge range of cleaning chemical products to diverse industries all over the South East Queensland such as Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sun Shine Coast. Santo have been proudly serving customers all over Australia since 1987 with top notch customer service plus competitively priced and environmentally friendly products.
All products are formulated to exacting standards and offer the customer real economy and performance. On top of that, all manufacturing process and production are performed under careful quality control to consistently ensure that customers get what they pay for, that is the best value for their money. All labels on every product packaging are designed to be very user friendly, give clear usage instructions, dilution ratios and full safety information. For all cleaning needs, Santo’s customers believe in their chemicals products and that enables Santo Australia to become one of the top Brisbane chemical suppliers and chemical manufacturers in Brisbane in today’s market.

Queensland Government

Queensland Government

The Government of Queensland or better known and pronounced as the Queensland Government and frequently referred to the QLD government is the government of the Australian state of Queensland. It is established by the Constitution of Queensland, and its relationship with the Commonwealth is regulated by the Constitution of Australia.

The Government of Queensland operates under the Westminster system, a form of parliamentary government based on the model of the United Kingdom. The Governor of Queensland, as the representative of the Monarch, holds nominal power, although in practice only performs ceremonial duties. The Parliament of Queensland holds legislative power, while executive power lies with the Premier and Cabinet, and judicial power is exercised by a system of courts and tribunals.

Special Broadcasting Services

Special Broadcasting Service

SBS stands for Special Broadcasting Service an Australian company operating in the public broadcasting radio, online, and television network.

SBS is one of five main free-to-air networks in Australia. SBS runs five different TV channels which include SBS ONE, SBS TWO, NITV, World Movies, and Studio and five different radio networks which include SBS Radio One, TWO & Three, SBS Chill and SBS PopAsia.

SBS was founded with the vision that all Australians, regardless of geography, age, cultural background or language skills should have access to high quality, independent, culturally-relevant Australian media. The is evident in their broadcasting programs and network which are available in multiple language programs. SBS has the mission to provide multilingual and multicultural radio and television services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians and, in doing so, reflect Australia’s multicultural society.

Apart from its TV and radio broadcast network, SBS also has its Internet online portal called which is the home to SBS On Demand video streaming service.

Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology

QUT or Queensland University of Technology is one of the top ten leading technology oriented universities in Australia. QUT is a highly successful Australian university with an applied emphasis in courses and research, based in Brisbane, Queensland, QUT have a global outlook.

From the establishment of the Brisbane School of Arts in 1849, QUT has been one of the leaders in innovation and progress in tertiary education. The name QUT has only been used since 1989. Today with some 45,000 students, including 6,000 from overseas, and an annual budget of more than $800 million, QUT is well positioned to grow and develop as one of Australia’s leading universities.

Queensland University’s Anti Racism campaign support page can be found here.